Welcome to your free online platform for art education. We offer a curriculum similar to an accredited fine arts degree, but accessible to anyone with basic digital tools.

While we’re not currently accepting new learners, our community will soon be open to all. Our mission is to empower artists with free, professionally designed learning paths. With Upswing Art, quality art education is accessible, affordable, and on-demand. Join us and we’ll show you the ropes!




Upswing Art is a community of artists on a journey of creative growth. Our name, “Upswing,” symbolizes our mission to strengthen our skills with an expanding learning community, acknowledging that success often follows the initial downswing.

Our vision is to offer an experience comparable to a 4-year art school program, without the tuition fees. While Upswing Art is not accredited, our focus is on fostering your creative growth, not on profit.

In the future, we’ll provide optional paid services such as personalized lessons, affordable group discussions, and a subscription to a remote machine equipped with industry-standard hardware and software for those who need it, accessible from any device.

Upswing Art is evolving. We’re busy creating course content, designing learning paths, and preparing for our relaunch within the next year.

Upswing Art mascot Markie the Monkey painting a skill tree landscape, depicting the creative roadmap of Upswing Artists’ journey to mastering their skills.